• Oneida Chateau 18/8 Flatware 5 Piece Place Setting

    $32.99 $25.00

    • Mirror finish reflects a sleek shine.
    • Premium quality 18/10 stainless steel. Highest level of rust resistance available.
    • Product backed by a limited lifetime warranty and is dishwasher safe.
    • Sleek yet intricate. Designed but understated. Nod to French manors and intricate baroque detail with Chateau. Its fiddleback shape pops with delicately scrolled flowers. These culminate in a pattern popular since its inception, one that promises a timeless staying power for years to come.
      Use & Care
      Oneida stainless steel flatware is rust resistant, dishwasher safe, never needs polishing, and will maintain its shine for the lifetime of the flatware.

      Stainless Steel Limited Lifetime Warranty:

      Finest Quality Since 1880™ We stand behind the proud Oneida tradition of quality, carefully-crafted flatware. Each piece is warranted against original defects in workmanship and materials.